the 12th slice

I didn't understand anything on this website.hapless web surfer

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Personal project of a PROJECT_<CODE> student.

the grayline through the color space

About This Site

The design of this site is based on my friend's aging website from the early 21st century. Her site has a fixed width layout made with tables and no style sheets.

In both designs the header has four square images, a logo and some descriptive information.

My version has a fluid, centered layout, with a few responsive (adaptive?) elements and no tables. The 75px x 75px images disappear at narrower viewports.

a capture of this page on my s3

The content of the site focuses on web colors as colored light. I am especially interested in smooth traverse of the color space, with the intensity or value held constant.

Background image, visible only at viewports wider than 770 px, from WikiMedia Commons is a photograph of a book illustration of an Inuit village, Oopungnewing, near Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island in the mid-19th century. All other photos and illustrations by the author.